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The website functions as a joint platform for Central Finland’s foresight work.  The website consists of different sections:

  • Statistics section presents the most relevant statistics on Central Finland’s development. It contains information for example on population, entrepreneurial activity, labour market and education.
  • Blog section includes thoughts on Central Finland’s future produced by experts and expert groups.
  • Foresight work  provides information on how joint regional foresight process is organized in the area and the contact persons in different organizations
  • Scenarios 2050 aim to identify alternative futures.

Regional Foresight Process in Central Finland

By knowledge. By know-how. By doing.

The regional foresight process of Central Finland consists of three main areas:

  • foresight process: the roles and responsibilities of different organizations in joint foresight work
  • ”forward-looking way of work”: future work and methods at personal, organizational and regional level
  • information management: platform

In Central Finland foresight is a permanent structure of regional development. The aim is that foresight process produces information about the future that is taken into account decision-making processes in different organizations. A key element of Central Finland’s foresight work is the thought that foresight and future thinking is everyone’s responsibility and thefore must be part of everyone’s daily work.

For more information, please contact:

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Central Finland
Development Director Eija Heinonen, eija.heinonen[at]

Regional Council of Central Finland
Development Manager  Kari Pirinen, kari.pirinen[at]